Drone Hire Glasgow Edinburgh
Drone Hire Glasgow Edinburgh

Survey and Inspection

Architects, Surveyors and building stakeholders are beginning to understand the benefits of using small UAVs to carryout visual inspections on hard to reach sometimes fragile architectural features. Traditional methods for carrying out these surveys include MEWPS, Scaffolding and Rope Access all of which carry their own risks to both the workforce and members of the public.   


Now with the advancement of UAV technology surveys / Inspections can be carried out Quickly, Safely and at reduced costs without ever having to leave the ground. Using GPS enabled platforms allows us to fly close to buildings and photograph entire structures, what would have previously taken days to complete can now be completed within hours with the images on the clients desk within 48hrs of completion. Allowing our clients to compile tender documents, valuations and completion evidence.


Where a drone wouldnt be an ideal solution Fly Sight Scotland also operate a 10 meter camera pole system to allow our clients an upclose view of possible defects. 


With over 20 years experiance in the construction industry we can understand our clients requirements and acquire the approprite data.


Below are some sample images from previous survey works.


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